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     Water is the Earth's greatest commodity and its most important natural resource. Without it, life as we know it would cease to exist on this planet.  Though 71% of the Earth is covered by it, only a small fraction of this water is potable or drinkable.  We consume it daily, either in its natural form or in various solutions or suspensions, but we always take it for granted.  The reality is that fresh water, if we continue at our currently level of consumption, will be come as scarce as fossil fuels.  It is a resource which is very quickly dwindling.  As such, it is essential that we begin to value it and conserve it.  


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     Burleson Water Services is a utilities operation company which is dedicated to keeping our clients in compliance with Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) regulations.  Our mission is to produce the best water quality possible.  Though we focus principally on community water plants & systems, we currently operate several commercial facilities as well.  If you are seeking a licensed specialist to oversee your water or wastewater treatment plant, call us today for a consultation.  Our years of water & wastewater management experience can ensure that your operation achieves both Federal & State mandated compliance. From relief contract operations to complete management service, we will deliver the level of service that is right for you.  Allow our resources to become your resources. Contact us today.


     Burleson Water Services, LLC is currently seeking University students and graduates with science and engineering degrees to apprentice in the water utility industry.  The water & wastewater management and treatment field offers a challenging and financially rewarding career path for those willing to pursue it.  The filling of these environmental career positions is vital to our Central Florida community and to our environment.  


Visit our Environmental Careers page for more information.

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