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Water Treatment Plant Operation services

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Contract Operation

As water utilities plant operators, we oversee the day to day operations of various community & non-community water & wastewater treatment facilities.  Via continuous management & regular testing, we ensure that these plants meet or exceed the compliance measures established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  We also offer relief plant operation to provide coverage for vacations, holidays, or periods of  staffing shortfalls.

 Water & Ice Testing & Sampling Services

We offer ice sampling (Coliform Bacteria, etc) for gas stations, liquor stores, meat processors, grocery stores, and other ice machines.  We test well water for NItrates, Lead, Iron, Sodium, Chloride, Bacteria and other contaminants.  As part of our service we prepare and submit the specialized reporting documents. We are environmental chemists and scientists consulting on water quality and compliance for contractors, home buyers and sellers, mortgage brokers, and agricultural irrigation wells. We are licensed for the State of Florida and most active in the Central Florida Counties of Orange, Seminole, Lake, Brevard, Volusia, Osceola, and Polk.

Water Testing & Sampling Programs to ensure compliance with Florida Department of Environmental Protection mandates

Compliance Officers & Compliance Consulting to ensure a reduction of costs for the management of your water utitlity plant operation

 Compliance Consulting & Technical Writing Services

As licensed specialists, we are often contracted as Compliance Officers & Compliance Consultants for water treatment & wastewater treatment plant operations.  Part of our function is to act as the interface between the water utilities plant management and the various agencies which regulate water & wastewater plant operation, such as the FDEP.   We are pleased to prepare consumer confidence reports (CCRs) and operation & maintenance manuals for your systems.  Subcontracting these duties is another cost effective method of ensuring profitable operation of your water & wastewater treatment facility.

Water & wastewater treatment specialists serving Orlando & the rest of Central Florida

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