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Can Ancient Roman technology save Harris Chain of Lakes?

Martin E. Comas - Sentinel Staff Writer - OrlandoSentinel.Com

February 1, 2009


Each hour, more than a million gallons of water from the state's most polluted large lake flow downstream into vital Lake County waterways.With that flow comes a noxious mix of algae, phosphorus, nitrogen and other plant particles that can change crystal-clear lakes into an unhealthy pea-soup color, driving away swimmers, boaters and fishermen.  



Florida Moves to Stop Piping Sewage Into the Ocean

Posted Apr 23, 08 3:25 PM CDT - Newser.Com


(Newser) – Florida has been dumping sewage into the ocean for over 60 years, but is moving towards cleaning up its act, Reuters reports. Florida’s Senate recently passed a bill that would replace the system, which pumps 300 million gallons of partially treated waste into the Atlantic daily. Passage in the House is expected, but the state's EPA says it will take 16 years and $3 billion to close them all down.  



Study: Florida Septic Tank Sewage Contaminating Groundwater, Reefs Up To 'Six Miles Offshore'

Posted July 25, 2007 - Underwatertimes.com News Service


ATHENS, Georgia --  A new University of Georgia study finds that sewage-contaminated groundwater is reaching the offshore reefs of the Upper Florida Keys, possibly threatening corals and human health.






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